Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision is a variety of inspiring engaging activities for children in our community, convenient and accessible for all.

Our mission is to work together to empower the next generation through low or no cost activities so that their creativity and knowledge can be released into our communities.

Who We Are

ArtBeat is a non-profit organization formed in 2015 with the idea to support opportunities for art, music, dance, theater and academic enrichment for the youth of Cambria.

We are a small group of parents, professionals and community members. We have talked a great deal with other parents and other people in the community about the various opportunities that exist for arts and music education for children in our town. We all agree that there are some excellent programs already operating in Cambria, but we also agree that one can never have too many enrichment opportunities for our children. We see an opportunity here and we are calling it ArtBeat.

Goals & Purpose

Our goal is to enable all the youth of Cambria to participate in these activities, regardless of their social and financial circumstances. We strive to connect the talent that exists in our community with the children who are eager to learn and grow.

Each year has been hugely successful and we are working hard to expand our offerings and to keep pace with the children’s passionate desire to participate.

Our current organizations are already doing great work, but if we can increase awareness of those programs and get more children to take advantage of what is being offered, all will benefit. By creating an organization which brings all of these groups together, we think that it will make it even more accessible for families to become involved, thus increasing participation in all of our programs. We can then share all of our excitement, enthusiasm and energy with our children.

We have a fount of expertise, willingness and energy, and we will work hard to continue to create and provide sustainable offerings that are educational, inspirational and fun.

How Do We Do It?

ArtBeat operates under the Pinedorado Lions Foundation. It is designed to be self-sufficient; depending on community support rather than the Lions’ current set of charity accounts. Private donors have given generously to get us on our feet. Many children are able to contribute the suggested $5 donation for their classes, but we do not ever require this. Several local businesses have already provided support, both with money and resources.

The quality of our teachers is of utmost importance to us, and ArtBeat pays our teachers a modest stipend for their hard work. All of our other staff and board members are volunteers. Money donated to ArtBeat goes directly towards providing programs for our children, enriching their lives and our community.

ArtBeat would love your support! Donations are welcomed, and checks can be make out to ArtBeat and sent to us at:

PO Box 1314, Cambria, CA 93428

If you have time and energy to help with ArtBeat, please contact us! We are growing fast and would love to have you on board. Please visit and ‘like’ our Facebook page!