Donation and Sponsorship Details

Want To Donate?

ArtBeat organizes and supports opportunities for academic enrichment, art, music, dance and theater for the youth of Cambria. There is a suggested $5 donation jar for parents or caregivers that are able to donate to our programs, however all the youth of Cambria are welcome regardless of their ability to pay.

The quality of our teachers is of utmost importance to us, and ArtBeat pays our teachers a modest stipend for their hard work. All of our other staff and board are volunteers. Money donated to ArtBeat goes directly towards providing programs for our children, enriching their lives and our community.

Effective afterschool programs like ArtBeat bring a wide range of benefits to youth, families and communities. Benefits include:

  • Increased Academic Performance
  • Improved Social Skills
  • Increased Self Confidence and Self-Esteem
  • Promotes Physical Health
  • Increased Cultural Awareness
  • Develops Stronger Relationships with Peers
  • Connects Youth with Mentors
  • Provides a Safe and Structured Environment



Consider sponsoring a Cambria student in our academic program, “The Art of Academic Achievement” (homework club).

ArtBeat Homework Club is staffed by qualified teachers that are experienced with the current school curriculum. We staff tutors at both the Cambria Grammar School and the Santa Lucia Middle School three days per week. Healthy snacks are provided to all participating students.


  • Students gain a sense of accomplishment when they finish the tasks they have been assigned, fostering good study habits at a young age.
  • It’s a safe, distraction-free environment in which students can focus on learning.
  • Tutors and peers can help in a way that parents may not have the ability to.
  • Homework club can be a social time in which students have the opportunity to develop their communication skills while they develop further in their studies.
  • Teachers and parents have reported personal growth for the participating students.

The Homework Club sponsored by ArtBeat has been an extremely valuable addition to Santa Lucia Middle School. It allows us to target kids who need additional support and it provides a sfae and structured after school environment for them to get the help they need. It has made a real difference in improving students’ views on their homework and has helped raise their level of success”

-Kyle Martin, Principal

“ArtBeat homework club is a blessing to our students, parents, and teachers. We see a difference in the classroom with the students who attend and get extra help during homework club. Children enjoy going and know they will receive encouragement and loving support. They are able to practice assignments and feel successful in completing and turning in their homework each week. This program also assures that time spent together as a family is quality time.”

– Julie Bales and Julie Castle, CGS 1st Grade Teachers


Consider sponsoring a Cambria child in our popular dance program, held weekly at the Vets Hall in Cambria. All forms of dance offered at ArtBeat (folklorico, ballet, tap, jazz and hip hop) helps kids learn many skills, such as, range of motion, body awareness, balance, coordination, endurance, cooperation, social skills, and so much more!

Consider sponsoring a Cambria child in our fast-growing music program. Music learning supports all learning. Children trained in music grow up happier, healthier and become better critical thinkers and more productive members of society.

Consider sponsoring a Cambria child participating in our art program. Until we secure our own youth art studio, our art programs are limited to workshops. Art, much like the benefits of music, encourages fine motor skills, neural development, and problem-solving abilities. It allows children to process their emotions in a safe way.  Art is a source of beauty and creativity. Children become engaged and have FUN! We are currently involved with the Cambria Scarecrow Festival held every October.

Consider sponsoring a Cambria child in our theater program. Involving your kids in theater makes them free to think, free to feel, and free to explore who they want to become. Theater develops empathy, self-esteem and confidence. It creates great exposure to literature and history. ArtBeat had very successful musical theater classes in 2015/16 and we hope to be able to bring it back soon.


 Checks can be made payable to ArtBeat and mailed to:

PO Box 1314


CA 93428

Thank you in advance for your support. We can’t do it without you!